Atmospheric Art Designed for Corporate, Public, and Opulent Residential Spaces.
 XLarge UHD Prints on Acrylic Glass Panels.

I create scenes that play with light, refraction, shape, material, and contrast.  Composition and aesthetic are extremely important to my work.  I aim to have each piece be a symphony in itself.  I wish to believe that my art invokes a sense of wonder and mystery of what lies just outside the piece and the viewer's perspective.  

On this site you will find a small selected body of my work, categorized into collections.  I also sell Limited Edition UHD Archive Maxima Prints under Acrylic Glass of any works found here.  Additionally, interested parties may contact me directly for information regarding Prints, Commission, and Installation work.   

Respectfully  -  Michai  Mathieu  Morin

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 * Represented by Agora Gallery *

530 W 25th St, New York City, NY 10001

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