"My large acrylic glass panels feature sharp contrasting details juxtaposed with soft otherworldly gradients. My work is currently the highest resolution digitally rendered and printed art in the world. Each piece is meaningfully constructed to invoke a sense of the serene, instantly transforming any space to an area of calm, wonder, and mystery."

On this site you will find a small selected body of my work, categorized into collections. Each piece comes with a personal summary of what inspired me during its creation. All of my work shown here are Limited Editions.

Interested parties may contact me directly for information regarding Licencing, multi-piece commissions, and design contract proposals. To view my work in person please stop by Agora Gallery, NYC to inquire about showing times.


Michai Mathieu Morin



Curated Works by Collection

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"...ranked in the top 70 most unique and investable artists who will shape the future of the art world." - Contemporary Art Collectors  

"...beautiful! We cannot wait to display it!" - C.Pennington of BLINK Art

"Best in Show!" - Fusion Art  

"...a perfect combination of the emotive and cerebral." 
- Private Collector  

"Memorizing!" - A. Whisenhunt of Art Design Consultants

"...radiant colors shimmer in the background, sending the viewer through a hole in time and space. Every piece feels like a door to another dimension where nothing is as it seems."   - Agora Gallery, NYC

"When you see his work, that's when it really hits you.  Michai has done something that's so different it's literally impossible not to be impressed".  - Private Collector

"Morin has successfully pushed digital art into the realm of collectable fine art!" - DeviantArt 

Michai Mathieu Morin is Currently Represented by Agora Gallery 

530 W 25th St, New York City, NY 10001

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Featured in Artist Portfolio Magazine.

Published in 2019 BLINK Art Resource Journal.

Exhibited on  Maine Home & Design Social Media.

Contributing Artist for Colors of Humanity Art Gallery.

Formal Invitee to World Art Dubai as a Representing American Artist.

Promoted in Maine Art Scene Magazine.

 Fusion Art's International Juried Contest Best in Show.

Published as a Distinguished Artist in ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal.

2* Award Winner With Art Room Gallery.

To be featured in Contemporary Art Collectors 2020 annual Publication. 

2* Award Recipient, 2019 ACA International Art Competition

Award Recipient, Philadelphia's Masonic Temple and Museum


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