M3 Custom Built Computer Workstations

At M3 Fine Art Studio we create the worlds highest digitally rendered and printed art in the World. Because Michai Morin's art can require hundreds of hours of rendering time we had to develop affordable computer workstations that are able to calculate his massive works but we also believe the machine should be aesthetically pleasing as well. We consider it the art behind the art. The Workstation should not only function well above the the capabilities of the user it should also be visual element to your space.

Our computers are hand built based on our client's needs. From digital designers, video editors, video bloggers, CAD technicians, vector artists, high-frequency market trading, and even laboratories in the pursuit of scientific knowledge, we can build you a beautiful workstation to exceed your needs. We will work with any budget from $1,000 to $100,000. We will provide you with the computational power, efficiency, and aesthetics to better suit your professional niche.

We use only the highest quality consumer grade hardware available so that your investment will last many years without the need for upgrades. If upgrades that could potentially increase productivity become available, you have a choice to request an upgrade at a reduced cost and one of our team members will come to your site and install it.

Please us the form below to request a quote based on your specific job requirements. The more specific you are about your needs the better we are able to tailor your high end workstation.

Examples include: How many displays will you be using and what are their resolutions, 4k or 1080? Will you editing large videos or data crunching from enormous databases? Will you have your workstation on display or will it be hidden? How much storage will be required, 500mb to 500TB? Windows or Linux?

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