Commission Works

At M3 Fine Art Studio we offer commission art works based on client's design parameters. From color pallet, dimensions, and individualized framing options, we have been continually sought out to enhance our client's unique spaces with tailored one of a kind art pieces. Each completed piece represents both M3 Fine Art's design aesthetics paired with our client's requests to produce a truly one of a kind experience.

Our commissions have been created for luxury yachts to corporate offices, yoga studios to bank lobbies, and even pieces to fit a clients personalized home motif. From ten 30" pieces to single 90" features, we are prepared to make your space a memorable one that your guests and customers will find inspiring.

Please use the form below to request more information and to provide our shop with the design parameters that you would like us to work with. A response will be sent within 24 hours of the initial inquiry.

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