Breathless (70in x 44in)

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Limited Edition of 12


This is a special limited edition piece to commemorate the generations of torment that have been felt by those of color in our country. Titled, "Breathless", it represents both the 'I can't Breathe' movement and the peaceful protests of 'Black Lives Matter' in general. In this work we see the black spirit whitewashed by an unobtainable and boundless sky of free air that can be seen but never acquired.

This piece will be limited to 12 UHD Prints on my usual large optical glass panels. Frame options will be available. Each piece will be signed, dated, and numbered according to its place in the series. The largest portion of profits from each piece will be given to the buyer's charity of choice as long as that charity somehow benefits the disadvantaged lives of Black and Brown Americans. A receipt of payment to that charity will be provided to the buyer once all payments have been processed. Please support our brothers and sisters who were born of color into a world of needless difficulty, fear, and strife. Stand together or fall alone.

UHD Inkjet Print on Acrylic Glass · Mounted to Aluminum Dibond

(70in x 44in) 

220 megapixels


All of my Limited Edition pieces have been curated by Agora Gallery in NYC and priced accordingly.  All works will come with details on the backside that include the title, date, and a brief about the piece.  I mark each limited edition piece with my signature and its respective number in the series.  Once I've sold the maximum, I will pull that specific piece from future sales forever.  This is to keep the collection items rare and valued. 

These are museum grade quality, will last generations, and do not leave the studio without the most detailed visual inspection and my signature.  I take perfection, optics, and details very seriously.  My art is expertly packaged and shipped with the highest premiums so as to avoid any damage during transit.  You may purchase additional shipment insurance by request on my contact page. 

These are all large and complicated works of art and as such, please allow for 6-8 weeks for production and shipping.  I will message or call you directly upon shipment from the studio.      

I hope that my work compliments your space well and that it provides you and your guests with a lifetime of interesting conversation.  Thank you so much for your interest in my work.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have, including custom sizes or original commission pieces. 



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