You will find my Art tends to be well suited for corporate offices, yoga studios, spas, organization headquarters, hotel lobbies & luxury suites, fine dining design, or as individual show pieces for those seeking an unique and relaxing aesthetic.

My work is printed at incredibly high detail onto very large gallery glass panels, most over 1 meter in length.  They are printed by one of the world's best photographic art print manufacturers and bonded onto an ultra thin Aluminum Dibond sheet.  This technique gives the illusion that my art is levitating within beautiful crystal glass.

All of my completed pieces are limited to how many I produce for each, independent of commissioned sizes.  All works will come with details on the backside that include the Title, date, and a brief about the piece.  I mark each limited edition piece with my signature and its respective number in the series.  Once I've sold the maximum, I will pull that specific piece from future sales forever.  This is to keep the collection items rare and valued. 

These are museum grade quality, will last generations, and do not leave the studio without the most detailed visual inspection and my signature.  I take perfection, optics, and details very seriously.  All of my art is expertly packaged and shipped with the highest premiums so as to avoid any damage during transit.  

Have a look around, relax, and enjoy the moment.

Please feel free to contact myself or Agora Gallery, NYC with any inquiries about commission and custom works.



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Photos & Details of Smaller Privately Purchased Works

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