"My large acrylic glass panels feature sharp contrasting details juxtaposed with soft otherworldly gradients. My work is currently the highest resolution digitally rendered and printed art in the world. Each piece is meaningfully constructed to invoke a sense of the serene, instantly transforming any space to an area of calm, wonder, and mystery."

On this site you will find a small selected body of my work, categorized into collections. Each piece comes with a personal summary of what inspired me during its creation. All of my work shown here are Limited Editions.

Interested parties may contact me directly for information regarding Licencing, multi-piece commissions, and design contract proposals. 


Michai Mathieu Morin

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"Sands of Time" - Collection
A collection of works, including the award winning pieces, "Castalia" and "The Endowment"
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"Science in Art" -Series
This is a series of pieces curated by topic and design relating to the ponderings of science.
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"Spiritual Essence" -Series
Journey through existential thought and spiritual exploration in this abstract series. Includes 2019 national award winning piece, "Destiny".
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"Hyperchromatic" -Collection
Celebrating all the colors of the visible spectrum! This collection contains two award winning limited edition pieces, "Farcaster" and "Ixchel".
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"Digital Surrealism" -Collection
This special collection of works offer surrealistic and thought provoking scenes.
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Murals and Wall-Wall Pieces
This Collection includes works available for license. Neutral, beautiful, and interesting, these works can be printed as murals for office and public space.
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"Celestial Musings" -Collection
A collection of images that share a common thread. The Universe is vast and mysterious.
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"New Millenium Op Art" -Series
A revisitation on the Optical Art trend of the 60's. This B&W series contains award winning pieces and the highest resolution optical art ever created.
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"Elemental Tribute" -Collection
A collection of works paying homage to the elements of life and the Universe.
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Mixed Gallery
These are unique works that didn't quite fit into any collection or series.
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